Special News on EPBD - Wednesday 23th November 2016

  Newsletter June 2023  

Special News on EPBD


Dear reader


Previous newsletter was issued to announce “Tapping the potential of windows”, a Joint Position Paper to be taken into account by the European leaders responsible for revising of the EPBD- Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. The Joint Paper bringing together the building glass façade and window industry represented by European Aluminium, EuroWindoor, ES-SO and Glass for Europe can be downloaded here.


The ES-SO White Paper EPBD on “Overheating risk in low energy buildings to combat”, brings up a growing problem of people suffering from uncomfortable indoor temperature which is not sufficiently addressed in the current EPBD.


OVERHEATING: a new problem arising in new built and renovated low energy buildings. How come?


Low energy construction methods are reported in various countries as playing a significant role in increasing overheating in new built and renovated buildings. Together with the progressing climate change this will shift overall in Europe the energy need for heating into more energy needed for cooling.


To address the overheating risk properly an explicit legislative article has to be included in the coming EPBD review.


Read more in the ES-SO White Paper, to be downloaded here.


Kind regards


Ann Van Eycken
Secretary General




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