Solar shading is an effective energy saver all year round. In summer it can cut the amount of heat entering a building and in winter it can decrease heat loss. In both cases, the need for additional climate control measures is substantially reduced.

In winter, intelligent solar blinds will remain open to let free solar energy into the building during the day, reducing energy requirements for heating. Once the sun has set, these will close, reducing heat loss and thus continuing to save on the energy required for heating.

During the day in summer, solar shading will help to keep excessive heat out of the building, which can dramatically cut the need for air conditioning. In the evening, opening the windows and the solar shading allows the building to flush any heat build-up, again reducing the need for air conditioning.

Moveable shading devices are more flexible. They respond better to the movement of the sun and allow better control of diffuse radiation and glare. In addition, moveable or retractable devices can be manipulated so daylight access in overcast sky conditions in winter is unobstructed. Proper operation of moveable shading devices is required for optimal effect.

The range of solar shading products is astoundingly wide. They're available for both external and internal installation and can be fitted to new buildings or retro-fitted to existing buildings during a renovation. The main thing they have in common is that they are all tailor-made.

The best known exterior products include sun awnings, vertical roller blinds and roller shutters, but the industry makes other products to measure depending on the requirements of the individual application.

Internal products come in an even wider variety of types and comprise Venetian blinds, roller blinds, pleated and Roman shades and blackout blinds to name but a few. Some are designed to provide insulation as well as shading, and all can be automated to offer optimum performance.

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