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EPBD - Energy Performance Directive  Review 2018 - Published in the European Official Journal  

The revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EU) 2018/844 has been published on 19th June in the EU Official Journal (L156) and will enter into force as of 9 July 2018.  Because it is a Directive, EU countries will have to transpose the new elements of the Directive into national law within 20 months, this means by 10th March 2020. The new Directive has huge potential for efficiency gains in the EU building sector, the largest single energy consumer in Europe. It includes measures that will accelerate the rate of building renovation towards more energy efficient systems and strengthen the energy performance of new buildings, making them smarter.

This is the first of the 8 legislative acts in the Clean Energy for All Europeans package to be adopted. 

Core elements of the EPBD Revision:

  • Strategy towards a low and zero-emission building stock in the EU by 2050 underpinned by national roadmaps to decarbonise buildings.
  • Use of information and communication technology (ICT) and smart technologies to ensure buildings operate efficiently for example by introducing automation and control systems.
  • First steps to roll out of the infrastructure for e-mobility in all buildings 
  • Introduces a "smart readiness indicator" to measure the buildings' capacity to use new technologies and electronic systems to adapt to the needs of the consumer, optimise its operation and interact with the grid.
  • Integrates and substantially strengthens long-term building renovation strategies.
  • Mobilises public and private financing and investment.
  • Helps to combat energy poverty and reducing the household energy bill by renovating older buildings.

The legislative Act in English, and in other  languages - see link



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