Smart Readiness Indicator

Final report on technical support to the development of a smart readiness indicator for buildings.

One of the focal points of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) is to better tap this potential of smart technologies in
the building sector. As part of this focus, the EPBD sets out provisions to establish a “Smart Readiness Indicator” (SRI) as an instrument for rating the smart readiness of buildings. This optional common EU scheme will assess the technological readiness of buildings to interact with their occupants, to interact with connected energy grids and to operate more efficiently. The aim of the SRI is to raise awareness of the benefits of smarter building technologies and functionalities and make their added value more tangible for building users, owners, tenants, and smart service providers. The technical support studies have developed and tested a viable definition and assessment methodology for the SRI. The proposed approach is aligned with the objectives set out in the EPBD, suggesting that it could be an adequate basis to support an effective implementation of the SRI including, where relevant, further testing at Member State level.

Shading is included - read more in the service catalogue below  ( section DE -  dynamic building envelope) 

Full report  

Final summary

Annex catalogue (simplified method) 

Annex catalogue (detailed method)


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