ES-SO Webinar 23 February 2022

"A booster for solar shading in buildings, new approaches to determine, use and access optical and thermal data". 

To demonstrate the advantages of solar shading in controlling daylight, glare and solar energy, it is important to know the optical and thermal properties of the materials, access these data easily, and apply them in suitable simulation programmes. These topics have been addressed jointly by researchers from Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg, Germany and LBNL in Berkeley, California for the past three years.

Presentations :

Optical and thermal characteristics of solar shading and how they can be measured/determined, Dr Helen Rose Wilson, download

Applying software to evaluate the effect of solar shading on energy consumption, daylighting and glare in buildings, Dr Bruno Bueno, download

Product data in the cloud – the next step for manufacturers, software companies and planners, Dr Christopher Maurer, download  


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