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21 March: the first ‘Global Shading Day’
Industry informs and urges greater focus on sustainable solar shading, see ENG - NL - FR - ES - SW - DE - NO - HE - CZ



As global warming is accelerating solar shading should be the first solution in the fight against overheating of buildings, February 2022, see English ;  Dutch; French German ; Italian ; Finnish ; Spanish ; Czech



Sonnenschutz ist eine Schlüsseltechnologie zur Erreichung der Klimaziele!, Bundesverband Sonnenschutztechnik Austria, January 2022, see 

ES-SO wants solar shading as a mandatory European measure for climate neutral buildings, new logo launch, June 2021 English ; German ; French ; Italian ; Dutch

ES-SO Statement on the EU Renovation Wave : EnglishGerman ; FrenchItalianSpanish; Dutch

The best kWh is always the one we do not need, IGS, Winter 2021, see   



News about overheating in Europe: 

Overheating in Austria : Armutskonferenz: Zwei Grad Klimaerwärmung heißt 50 Prozent mehr Hitzetote, see 

Overheating in Germany:  Immer mehr Hitzetote in Deutschland, see



Energiebilanz von Fenstern mit Sonnenschutz maximieren, Sicht+ Sonnenschutz 11-12 /2019, see
Reporting on sun protection, the Monocle forecast 2020, see 

Damit die Hitze draussen bleibt, Neue Zuricher Zeiting, 4 August 2019, see 

Wirden Kühlen wichtiger als Heizen?,  Neue Züricher Zeitung, 20 July 2019, see 


Die Konsequenzen des Klimawandels für die Architektur, Hochschule Lüzern, 24 July 2018, see 


Mit Beschattung Energie sparen, EfficienzHaüser, 12/1 2017, Germany, see 


Efective solar shading saves energy/effektiv solavskärning sparar energi, interview with Anders Hall, ES-SO Baodr member, Börje Takolander, WS, see 


Improving fenestration performance: Understanding Solar Optical Properties and Solar Heat Gain, John N. Edwards
President, Window Products Management, WCCA- Windows Coverings Association America, see 


The Climate Change Blame Game, January 2014, see

Total economy of windows and façades in low energy buildings, Rehva Journal, March 2014,see


Airconditioning, The Economist, January 2013, see


Solar shading: developments in solar control, Build-Up November, 2012, see
Great expectations run ahead of the reality, Andrew Warren, Nov/Dec 2012, see
The choice between heating and eating, Andrew Warren, Nov/Dec 2012, see


A change is gonna come: nearly zero energy buildings and cost optimal, Intelligent Glass Solutions, March 2011> English
Buitenzonwering bespaart op de energiefactuur, Projecto April 2011> Dutch
Some targets are more equal than others, Energy in Buildings Industry May 2011> English
Active House : the house that gives more than it gets, Sun and Shadow Magazine, September 2011 > Greece
Der Markt ist durch; der Kaffee auch, Sicht + Sonnenschutztechnik, September 2011 > German


Sonnenschutz mit qualitätsgarantie/protection solaire, garantie de qualité. Fassade-Façade, 1/2010. > German/French
Energie besparen met groene gebouwen. Het Ingenieursblad, Februari 2010 > Dutch
ES-SO, a strong voice in Europe, BBSA Openings, November 2010 > English
Zonwering helpt energie-efficiëntie van gebouwen te verbeteren, Zonvak,December 2010> Dutch

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