Solar Shading Academy Forum (ISSAF)

ISSAF, the ES-SO Solar Shading Academy Forum, stands as a tribute to the scientific academics and experts in our industry. It embodies our commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among professionals dedicated to solar shading solutions. The Forum serves as an influential platform where experts can come together to share the latest research developments, studies, and projects. Through ISSAF, we aim to facilitate discussions, promote innovation, and drive advancements in the field of solar shading, ultimately contributing to the development of the role of solar shading in energy-efficient and healthy buildings.

Our objectives include:

  1. Providing an academic forum: ISSAF offers a platform for discussions to enhance understanding of the performance benefits of shading.

  2. Exchanging technical developments: We facilitate the exchange and dissemination of technical developments related to solar shading.

  3. Guidance and engagement: ISSAF provides guidance and engages with projects exploring the potential for shading, contributing to the development of EN & ISO standards.

  4. Promoting awareness: We assist in developing a better understanding and awareness of the benefits of solar shading.


Membership in ISSAF is available to individuals in various categories, including ES-SO Founder members, Full members, Associate members, and academics actively working within the industry. Membership is for the individual, not their organization. Applications for membership are reviewed by the ISSAF working group and the ES-SO Board. New members initially receive associate membership, with the opportunity to advance to full membership based on their level of involvement and contribution.

ISSAF administration is overseen by the ES-SO Secretariat with guidance from the Chair of the ES-SO Technical Working Group. Membership is free of charge, and any disputes or issues are resolved by the ISSAF working group and the ES-SO Board.

The structure of ISSAF includes at least an annual online or physical meeting, a forum or similar facility for hosting input material for information or discussion between meetings.


Founding Members ISSAF

  • Bertrand Deroisy – TESS
  • Bruno Bueno – Fraunhofer ISE
  • Christoph Mauer – Fraunhofer ISE
  • Helen Rose Wilson – Fraunhofer ISE
  • David Geisler-Moroder - University of Innsbruck
  • Giuseppe de Michele - EURAC
  • Grant Henshaw – University of Salford
  • Jan Wienold – EPFL
  • Robert Weitlaner – Hella
  • Zoe De Grussa – CIBSE
  • Charlie Curcija LBNL
  • Luca Papaiz Glassadvisor GmbH Srl Milan
  • Hervé Lamy -ES-SO and ACTIBAIE

  • Maria Moya - ES-SO and AESSO

  • Jean-Paul Clément - YandYnot

  • Shady Attia - University of Liège


Launch of the ES-SO Solar Shading Academy Forum (ISSAF) 

21 February 2024

At the R+T trade fair 2024, ES-SO organized a technical seminar dedicated to presenting the advancements in solar shading and building performance research. The exclusive 2024 edition showcased the pivotal role of solar shading in enhancing building energy performance.

The seminar featured esteemed guest speakers, including Jan Wienold from EPFL, David Geisler-Moroder from the University of Innsbruck, Bruno Bueno from FRAUNHOFER ISE, David Sengl and Robert Weitlaner from Technikum Wien and HELLA respectively, Giuseppe De Michele from EURAC, Max Keiper from SATTLER, Grant Henshaw from the University of Salford, and Charlie Curcija from LBNL.

This seminar not only promised insightful presentations from renowned experts but also marked the inauguration of the Solar Shading Academy Forum (ISSAF). ISSAF serves as our homage to the scientific academics and experts in our industry. The Forum will act as an influential platform for sharing the latest research developments, studies, and projects revolving among expert colleagues related to solar shading.