ES-SO Academy

Since 2018, the ES-SO Academy has been providing offline and online training programs for ES-SO member companies who wish to become certified as Smart Solar Shading advisors or experts. If your company is interested in having your staff trained as Smart Solar Shading advisors or experts, please get in touch with your national ES-SO member association or visit the online ES-SO Academy.

Training courses

Smart Solar Shading Advisor

  • Comprehensive one-day training program designed for the residential sector
  • Focuses on key aspects of Smart Solar Shading
  • Ensures in-depth knowledge and expertise for participants
  • Successful completion, including an assessment, leads to a prestigious certification
  • Certificate jointly issued by ES-SO and its national member association
  • Certification demonstrates proficiency in offering expert advice on Smart Solar Shading solutions

Smart Solar Shading Expert

  • Intensive two-day training program tailored for companies involved in Smart Solar Shading manufacturing and market projects.
  • Offers invaluable insights and knowledge about the intricacies of the Smart Solar Shading field.
  • Upon passing the exam, trainees receive the prestigious ES-SO Smart Solar Shading expert certificate, a collaboration with the national member association.
  • Certification solidifies expertise and distinguishes professionals in the industry.

Certified ES-SO Trainers

Anders Hall





Language: Dutch/English



Anders embarked on his journey in the solar shading industry back in 1993, starting as a Sales Representative for Hunter Douglas. In parallel to his professional endeavors, Anders actively engaged with ES-SO, becoming involved in 2006. Since 2012, he has served as a Board Member and took on the pivotal role of Chairman of the Marketing Committee. In recognition of his leadership and industry knowledge, Anders assumed the position of President of ES-SO in January 2020. As President, he guides ES-SO in its mission to advance the solar shading industry and drive innovation, ensuring a prosperous future for the sector under his visionary direction.

JP Clément

After dedicating 40 years to the blind industry as the Head of Research and Development at FRANCIAFLEX in France, Jean-Paul embarked on a new chapter in 2013. He transitioned to a role as a Legal Expert at the Court of Appeal of Paris and the Administrative Court of Paris-Versailles, leveraging his expertise in the legal realm. Simultaneously, Jean-Paul was appointed as the President of the French Standardization Committee P25A, which focuses on establishing installation procedures for blinds and shutters. Jean-Paul's involvement in ES-SO spans over two decades, where he has actively participated in various activities. More recently, he has delved into thermal simulations, enhancing his understanding of the technical aspects of smart solar shading. 

Martin Straver

Previously having served as the Sector Group Manager for the Dutch Solar Shading Organization, Martin brings a wealth of experience to the field. Throughout his career, he has been engaged in numerous projects focused on scientific studies concerning the thermal effects of solar shading applications in buildings.  Martin has also  been actively involved in advocating for the recognition of the technical merits of solar shading products within the regulations governing near zero-energy buildings in the Netherlands. Through his successful lobbying efforts, he has contributed to ensuring that solar shading receives the acknowledgment it deserves within the industry's regulatory framework.

Maria Moya

Maria embarked on her journey in the solar shading industry back in 1996, assuming the role of R&D Director, a position she held until 2019. Currently, Maria serves as the Chair of Professional Development Committee at the European Solar Shading Organisation (ES-SO). In this role, she plays a crucial part in shaping and enhancing the professional development initiatives within the solar shading industry. Her involvement in the European Standardisation Committee further exemplifies her dedication to advancing industry standards and practices. Maria derives great pleasure from sharing the wealth of knowledge she has accumulated throughout her career. By doing so, she actively contributes to the design and development of more sustainable and comfortable buildings. 

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